Individual knives - Unique manufacturing

The story behind...

Hendrik Nagel

Henrik Nagel

Hi, I’m Hendrik and a trained toolmaker. In my spare time I’m a guitarist and I like to go fishing. So of course I also have an affinity for knives of all kinds. A few years ago, my job and hobby led me to construct my own CNC milling machine and later to build it.

A little later I accidentally came across Jannik’s handmade knives and was immediately enthusiastic. Nevertheless,I thought that one or the other work step could be made more efficient with the help of modern production machines.

Jannik Knabe

Jannik Knabe

Hey, I’m Jannik, a mechanical engineer, hobby cook and a big lover of knives. Before my time at ‘Messerlabor’, I made my own knives as a hobby. After a while, the demand was so high that I could no longer serve it.

Hendrik has started having his CNC milling machine do the “rough preparatory work”. Nevertheless, it took a lot of patience to perfect the knives afterwards. As an ambitious machanical engineer, I then looked for solutions together with Hendrik to automate the sometimes tedious and stupid tasks involved in the individual knife production – the beginning of ‘Messerlabor’!

What makes our knives so special...

Messerlabor cutting tools go through a semi-automated manufacturing process. With modern, automated machines, a sophisticated manufacturing process and precise craftsmanship, we set new standards in the world of individual premium knives!